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Rottweiler Jewelry, Rottweiler Jewellery


Best in Show Rottweilers, Silver, gold, crystal, diamonds, golden.

rottweiler jewelry

Rottweiler Jewelry - Pendants with Movable Legs And Tail

Best in Show Rottweilers, Rottweiler Jewelry, Jewellery.
From the moment you gazed into those puppy-dog eyes, you knew that furry friend would be in your heart forever! Now you can show the world just how much you love your captivating canine with this dog lovers diamond pendant necklace, a Bradford Exchange exclusive Rottweiler fine jewelry design. Just too doggone cute for words, this unique dog lovers jewelry is full of "wag and wiggle" as the legs and tail really move. Plus, there is a sterling silver-plated heart charm with a genuine diamond and a breed-specific message that dangles gracefully next to your precious pup. Arriving with a jeweler's pouch and gift box, this beautiful dog lovers diamond pendant necklace is sure to win your heart.
Seller: The Bradford Exchange
Price: US $79.00 (or 4 installments of $19.75)*
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Best in Show Rottweilers, Silver, gold, crystal, diamonds, golden.

rottweiler jewelry ring Rottweiler Sterling Silver Ring

Georgeous silver ring, head study of a Rottweiler dog.
Seller: Pet Pro
Price: US $124.00 *

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rottweiler gold jewelryrottweiler gold jewelryrottweiler gold jewelry

Rottweiler Golden Jewery

14K gold Rottweiler Jewery.
Seller: Pet Pro

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Rottweiler Jewellery
rottweiler jewelry
Rottweiler Charm by Rembrandt Charms, Rottweiler Dog Cell Phone Charm, Sterling Silver Rottweiler Disc Charm with 20 inch Sterling Silver Chain.
rottweiler jewelry
Sterling Silver Charm, 3D Standing Rottweiler Dog Breed Charm, 14K Gold Rottweiler Disc Charm.
rottweiler jewelry
14k Rottweiler Disc Charm, 14K White Gold Engraveable Rottweiler Disc Charm, 14k White Gold Polished Engraveable Rottweiler Disc Charm.
rottweiler jewelry
14k White Gold Polished Engraveable Rottweiler Disc Charm, Clearly Charming Rottweiler Good Boy Dog Breed Canine Collection Italian Charm 18k Gold by Casa D'Oro.
rottweiler jewelry
Hand Made Sterling Silver Rottweiler Dog Charm, MiniPets Sterling Silver Enameled Rottweiler Dog Charm.
rottweiler jewelry
Pewter Rottweiler Pin, Rottweiler Animal Photo Italian Charms Bracelet Link, Rottweiler Black Beads - Pandora Bead & Bracelet Compatible.
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Rottweiler Jewellery


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