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Browse our Rottweiler shopping catalogue / choose a catagory:

--HOME --The Rottweiler Shop main page
--ART --Rottweiler art prints, posters, and paintings
--CARDS --Rottweiler greeting cards, notecards, and free e-cards
--CHRISTMAS --Rottweiler dog Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments
--CALENDARS --Rottweiler dog calendars 2007
--CLOTHING --T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, ties, etc. - apparel featuring the Rottweiler
--TOYS --Stuffed Rottweilers, beanie dogs, hand puppets and plush toys
--FIGURINES --Rottweiler figurines, sculptures and miniatures
--JEWELRY --Jewelry featuring the Rottweiler
--TAPESTRY --Pillows, aghans, throws,... Rottweiler fabric too!
--OUTDOOR --Rottweiler doormats, flags, garden sculptures, welcome signs and other outdoor decor
--KITCHEN --Rottweilers in your kitchen, mugs, towels, jars, bowls...
--STATIONERY --Rottweilers in your office, mousepads, writing sets, notepads, address labels...
--BOOKS -- Coming Soon: Books about Rottweiler training, behavior, breed history. Children's books, too!
--Other --Miscellaneous Rottweiler gifts and collectibles (picture frames, umbrella, lamps, treasure boxes, memorial urns,...

* Please Note: we strive to keep all the prices named in our shopping guide up to date. However, the price stated at the seller's site will always be the price you'll actually pay.